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I started this blog because the tabs on the Lucero message board kept getting lost when they switched sites. A blog isn't a perfect forum for guitar tabs and chords, but it now has posts for all but a handful of their songs. And, to the best of my knowledge, this is the only source for Lucero tabs that has been endorsed by an actual Lucero guitarist. Accept no substitutes.

Holy shit! That's how that goes... www.lucerotabs.blogspot.com
-Brian Venable

Thank you to the folks who have sent me submissions, suggestions, and corrections. Thanks also to anyone who posted a tab on the luceromusic.com boards. You can find me there posting as Boston Twang. You can also email me at lucerotabs@gmail. Submissions and/or corrections are greatly appreciated.

General Thoughts on Lucero Chords

Ben seems to favor chord variations that fret the B string at the third fret. If a C, Em, G, or A doesn't seem quite right, try:
Cadd9 (x32030), Em7 (022030), G (320033), Asus (x02230)

Also, I think he leaves the E string open on a lot of his D chords (xx0230).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Record Pre-Order & Download

(Originally posted 7/29)

Happy days are here again! The new Lucero record, 1371 Overton Park, is available for pre-order on the splash page of the band's website.

Pre-orders come with an instant download of six of the record's twelve songs. (You can also choose between four different package options that include various combinations of a patch, some t-shirts, a hoodie, and a bunch of posters.) But let's face it the main thing is the music, and the new songs sound great. So what are you waiting for? Go order it, download the songs, pour yourself a stiff one, plug in your headphones, and soak it all in.

Also, I added a tabs index for the new record. Some of the songs already have tabs, and I'll get the others up as fast as I can.

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