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I started this blog because the tabs on the Lucero message board kept getting lost when they switched sites. A blog isn't a perfect forum for guitar tabs and chords, but it now has posts for all but a handful of their songs. And, to the best of my knowledge, this is the only source for Lucero tabs that has been endorsed by an actual Lucero guitarist. Accept no substitutes.

Holy shit! That's how that goes... www.lucerotabs.blogspot.com
-Brian Venable

Thank you to the folks who have sent me submissions, suggestions, and corrections. Thanks also to anyone who posted a tab on the luceromusic.com boards. You can find me there posting as Boston Twang. You can also email me at lucerotabs@gmail. Submissions and/or corrections are greatly appreciated.

General Thoughts on Lucero Chords

Ben seems to favor chord variations that fret the B string at the third fret. If a C, Em, G, or A doesn't seem quite right, try:
Cadd9 (x32030), Em7 (022030), G (320033), Asus (x02230)

Also, I think he leaves the E string open on a lot of his D chords (xx0230).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fistful of Tears

I tabbed this based on a live version with no piano from 2001.
It's a little different than the album version, but it works well.

This figure repeats for the verses.
You can simulate the piano syncopation by alternating between the strings.


Well I'm sorry my dear
Never thought the end was so near
A heart full of snakes and a belly full of rage
Has left me with a fistful of tears

Wave the ocean and wave the sea
After I'm gone won't you remember me sometimes

The water's deep dark and blue
There ain't nothing left to do
So darling be strong I'll cross before long
And I'll wait on the far shores for you

Wave the ocean and wave the sea
One day those waters will bring you back to me

E D# B A G#
Never done one thing right now I'm saying goodbye
F# E
Please darling don't cry

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