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I started this blog because the tabs on the Lucero message board kept getting lost when they switched sites. A blog isn't a perfect forum for guitar tabs and chords, but it now has posts for all but a handful of their songs. And, to the best of my knowledge, this is the only source for Lucero tabs that has been endorsed by an actual Lucero guitarist. Accept no substitutes.

Holy shit! That's how that goes... www.lucerotabs.blogspot.com
-Brian Venable

Thank you to the folks who have sent me submissions, suggestions, and corrections. Thanks also to anyone who posted a tab on the luceromusic.com boards. You can find me there posting as Boston Twang. You can also email me at lucerotabs@gmail. Submissions and/or corrections are greatly appreciated.

General Thoughts on Lucero Chords

Ben seems to favor chord variations that fret the B string at the third fret. If a C, Em, G, or A doesn't seem quite right, try:
Cadd9 (x32030), Em7 (022030), G (320033), Asus (x02230)

Also, I think he leaves the E string open on a lot of his D chords (xx0230).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Kid

Your mother died night you were born
Her name you never knew
Look away, look away nothing to lose

Left East Tennessee at fourteen
Wandered to the West
Look away,look away born into death

You fought the sailors in New Orleans
You worked the flatboats and walked the streets
Hit Nacogdoches in ‘49
And there you saw the devil the very first time

Kid don’t you know me?
We are the last of the true
Drink up! Drink up!
Drink up! Drink up!
Cause tonight your soul’s required of you

Signed on with a stone mad captain
Rode on Mexico
Look away, look away war behold

Jailed with killers one and all
But we were killers free
Look away, look away, look to me

You saw the lancers ‘mid heathen hordes
Bloodstained veils and costumes of war
Hell ain’t half full boy hear me
War is the game and the god we seek

We set out as men of reason
Armed with Navy Colts
Look away,look away, work paid in gold

But you stood witness to yourself
Our trial you did betray
Look away,look away to judgment day

We killed in the desert we killed in the streets
We chose what shall and shall not be
We stood with pistols,fought back to back
Now you’ve stood your ground but what ground is that?


nick said...

Are the verses with no chords pretty much the same as the others?

Noah said...

Yeah. As a general rule, if I don't include chords with lyrics, it's because they're the same as what's come before.

Cory said...

I think it starts:
Your mother...
Her name you never knew

Noah said...

Cory, I think you're probably right. I just haven't had time to play along with the track to make sure.

Thanks for the feedback.

Scott Antrobus said...

I use an F barre chord and lift my first finger and the end of the verse. I think Ben does that, but I may be wrong. Not sure if you still update or if it's even worth noting.