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I started this blog because the tabs on the Lucero message board kept getting lost when they switched sites. A blog isn't a perfect forum for guitar tabs and chords, but it now has posts for all but a handful of their songs. And, to the best of my knowledge, this is the only source for Lucero tabs that has been endorsed by an actual Lucero guitarist. Accept no substitutes.

Holy shit! That's how that goes... www.lucerotabs.blogspot.com
-Brian Venable

Thank you to the folks who have sent me submissions, suggestions, and corrections. Thanks also to anyone who posted a tab on the luceromusic.com boards. You can find me there posting as Boston Twang. You can also email me at lucerotabs@gmail. Submissions and/or corrections are greatly appreciated.

General Thoughts on Lucero Chords

Ben seems to favor chord variations that fret the B string at the third fret. If a C, Em, G, or A doesn't seem quite right, try:
Cadd9 (x32030), Em7 (022030), G (320033), Asus (x02230)

Also, I think he leaves the E string open on a lot of his D chords (xx0230).

Friday, July 24, 2009

San Francisco

This has been updated to correct the main riff (thanks Richard!) and add the solo.

Main Riff:


After each time through the riff play chords (G G G G C)


first time I saw it half asleep and broken hearted
they strapped half stacks to roof racks and drove to the parties
nothing like home with the cold summer nights
they played songs for the girls and they drank til daylight

sunk my heart at the bottom of the bay
gonna wash up on the black rocks one day
like unlucky sailors just swept out to sea
I think all the girls I've loved walked through your streets
but the waves and the fog always took 'em from me

the Oakland apartments with the bars underneath 'em
the girlfriends and sweethearts and the bay in between 'em
I buried my heart at the bottom of the hill
if the girlfriends don't get you the sweethearts sure will





The last bit of the solo also appears at the very end of the song.

only nineteen, so easy to forget
do you wake up every morning and thank god for those legs
north to Santa Rosa and south to Santa Cruz
the humboldt house, the boardwalk, and the homemade tattoos


Richard Hall said...

I play the intro a little different based on an old message board tab.

I start on the G and go up (G)3p2p0 (D)0h2p0 (A)0h2p0.

A little easier to play and sounds right to me...

Noah said...

Thanks for the feedback. The other way still sounds better to me, but lord knows I've been wrong before, so I'd be interested to hear others weigh in.

Brennen said...

I think Richards way sounds closer, and I'm pretty sure that's how ben was playing it at sxsw this year, but I was too drunk to remember to ask him when I talked to him after the third show.

Noah said...

I've been playing the into riff on a loop, and I'm starting to think it's actually:
Same as Richard's, but ending on open D instead of A.

David said...

I've been playing with this song for a week or so now, and I'm fairly sure the main riff starts with a bend and not a pulloff... check this out and see if it fits?

(G) 2(bend up and back, then pull off.) So you get:

(G) 2^2p0
(D) 0h2p0
(A) 0h2
(D) 0

if that makes any sense? I've never written tab out, but this way sounds more correct to my ear.

Noah said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're right. Funny thing is, I'm also pretty sure that the original tab I learned from back on the old message board started with a bend. I guess it got changed because 3p2p0 is just easier, but Ben seems like he's bending it.

Thanks for commenting.

David said...

thanks for all your great tabs! Yr site has become my new lucero bible, hahaha.

mike said...

I fret the third fret of the B string along with the first note, then keep it fretted through the whole phrase. I pull off the G string after the bend but keep the B string fretted at the third. sounds awesome.

Your site is awesome Noah. I play along to Lucero songs every day using your site. We really appreciate it.

Noah said...

Mike, I'll have to give that a try. And thank you for the compliment.